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How to make a low fog machine

The extremely cold temperature of dry ice will have an immediate reaction to the hot water, causing a thick cloud of fog to form.
12 If you do use tea light candles, make sure that the candles are closely bound easy macro maker together so that the heat is concentrated in the same general area.
It may be safer to use some sort of flame, or chemical heat packs for camping, rather than a hot plate, that way in case the water is spilled you won't electrocute anyone.If you pour out too much water, you can use hot tap water to replace the water at the base of the jar because the jar itself is already hot.It depends on the machine.Scented fog can bring an additional element to your party or theatrical event.Follow by turning on your fog machine.1, the water should be hot to the touch but not quite boiling.It kinda sucks that its to big to hide if you have it at your front door.You can check the temperature with a kitchen thermometer.If your tap water is very hot, you might be able to use this water right out of the tap.This is known as "fog juice.".Do not let the strainer come into contact with the water itself.Aim for a temperature somewhere between 120 and 180 degrees Fahrenheit (49 and 82 degrees Celsius).Typically, 1 lb (450 ml) will produce enough fog to last for 2 to 3 minutes.Unanswered Questions How would I make a fog machine with a fan?2, the reason to start with only a small amount of water is to prevent the glass from cracking with hot water.Unless you plan to keep your fog machine for a long time, most of these items can be repurposed for other projects.Anyways, if it helps what I used was a Sunterra Mistmaker Fogger that I picked up at Menards.Liquid glycerin can usually be found in the pharmacy section of a convenience store or grocery store.Check to make sure that the pie tin is centered on your can, so that it's unlikely to fall off once you've added fog juice.
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The strainer should rest inside the warm air of the jar, but not in the hot water.