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What makes pluto a dwarf planet

Its atmospheric pressure has been estimated to be cadeau breien 1/700,000 compared with that of earth.
Other scientists can then go observe the object and decide, perhaps, that I was mistaken.
If you weigh 100 lbs, your weight on Pluto would be 7 lbs.Pluto orbits the Sun on a different plane than the 8 planets, going over them and below them.Which means that there might be another large object out there that caused these dwarf planets to behave like this.My suspicion is that the gatekeeping is a leftover from when there was a chance during all of the debating 5 years ago that dwarf planet would be declared a subclass of planet.They should abandon.And they must be freed!When viewed through a telescope, it looks like a star.Doing so is not precise.Not only can you read all about it, you can also reproduce I, change it, and disagree with it, because, again, that is the way with science.By my best estimate there are possibly 390 known dwarf planets in the solar system (dont worry, Ill explain below).When gazing at the Sun from Pluto it would appear as a tiny bright start because the two are so far away from each other.
What should we do with it?
What would we call it if that happened?

The IAU does have one other good option, though.
The IAU declared this new class of objects and then locked it up in a tower and let it die.